On Washington D.C. (part two)- the touristy stuff

Being a tourist in a place where you once lived is always a ton of fun. We got to do all the things we missed out on when we lived in D.C. (museums, zoos, historical landmarks).

So about the zoo- our old apartment was right next door to the zoo and I would always stroll through it in the early mornings or late at night on my way to or from home. It was always so nice and quiet.

1. Zebras at the zoo//2. Bear sleeping at the Zoo//3. Our old apartment//4. Where we stayed//5. Love the door //6. Dupont, right next to my D.C. office//7.The Red Line//8. All a blur//9. Guess the building//10. Restaurant in Alexandria with famous and local patrons// 11. Sculpture Garden //12. ?

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3 Responses to On Washington D.C. (part two)- the touristy stuff

  1. Very cool angles in these photos! What were you shooting with? DC is one of our favorite cities! We write frequently about DC, if you are interested: http://www.scholasticablog.com/category/washington-d-c/

  2. I love Washington, DC…The subway is amazing!! I can’t believe the Metro stations were designed in the 1970’s !! And The National Mall is so impressive. I urge every citizen to visit it!!…. Each part of this place is so unique in its own way…
    Thank you for this post!! And one more thing.. Great pictures! 😉

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