On expensive goods and investments

Some lovely things I’ve been lusting after though there are more pragmatic things to save up for like world travels, a new couch to spend lazy Sundays on, more books to feed my Kindle, a good Kiva or Kickstarter investment, a best friend aka a dog, new climbing gear and camera lens for T., good eats and experiences.

I’m loving the red Clare Vivier purse (third row) and the J.Crew mini-Brompton won’t break the bank either. Chloe and Reed can do no wrong. I have a Proenza Schoulder P.S. 1 handbag, but let me tell you that thing is not practical if you want to use it on a daily basis with its buckles and straps. It lives in my closet in it’s two dustbags and rarely sees the light of day, which is a shame because it is a thing of beauty. I need my fashion to be practical, and no that’s not supposed to be contradictory.

Being practical, realistic, utilitarian is in my DNA and these shoes reflect that. All the heels (minus the Prada at the botton right) are sensible for work, weekend, or a night out.

Why not add in some accessories- the Cartier Love bracelet and watch are my faves and are a nice treat/investment for that someone special (*hint).  Skinny leather cuffs are always nice if not a bit ostentatious.  And I’ve been even more obsessed with Cartier ever since my friend Jeannie took me to the exhibit at the Legion of Honor last year.

What’s on your lust list?

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