On the work week, Sundays, and coffee

Work has left us both MIA for most of this week, and the past weekend was a fury of laundry, errands, and general housekeeping. We did get some time to relax and wander around our neighborhood and plan on catching a documentary in Marin tonight.

Tiny plane, old school boarding. taken with my iPhone

Here are the highlights of my week:

  • Meeting clients and colleagues from all around the world from Brazil to Saudia Arabia to China.
  • Dinner with my friend Hannah at one of my favorite Happy Hour places in Portland, Blue Hour and a walk through one of my favorite places ever, Powell’s Books. I felt so guilty for owning a Kindle. If you love books then you have to check this place out at least once in your life. It takes up an entire city block. Thomas and I once sat in Powell’s for half a day just reading everything we could get our hands on.
  • Getting a free minute to get some Stumptown  coffee inside the Ace Hotel in Portland. I’m definitely a coffee snob and I love getting beans from all the places we visit. I made  a nice cup of the Holler Mountain blend, and it was light and smooth. It gave my favorite coffee place in SF, Phil’z Coffee, a run for its money. What’s your favorite coffee place in your city?

    Best coffee PDX has to offer!

  • Some coffee info, photo by T.

Stumptown coffee, photo by T.

  • Exploring our neighborhood coffee shops on a sleepy Sunday. We took a long walk to the beach and had a cappuccino and some cinnamon toast at Trouble Coffee. Sundays are meant for relaxing, reading, and unwinding before the hectic work week.

Trouble makes a fine coffee. Photo by T.

Cinnamon toast and a cappuccino

Busy Sunday morning at Trouble. Photo by T.

Walking home. Photo by T.

Exploring our neighborhood. Photo by T.

Next week will be busy. I’m looking forward to the following:

  • Our upcoming trip to our former home, Washington D.C. Any suggestions on places we must visit or try?
  • Getting back into yoga after a few weeks on the road
And now I’ll leave everyone with a few interesting articles I read this week:
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