Apartment 304 in Hawaii

Last year we racked up a lot of miles and zipped all around the country, usually for work. In December, we managed to take two weeks off to spend in Hawaii (Big Island).

Sunset at the Mauna Kea

We spent most of our days lounging at the Mauna Kea resort. This was our view every afternoon. I managed to finish eight books in two weeks and even got Thomas to pick up a book.  The best part of our trip is that we were free to do nothing. The best part of the Big Island (and why it’s my favorite island) is how remote it is. You really are forced to unwind and get back in touch with the world.  We didn’t set our alarms (except for one 5 a.m. Crossfit class) or make plans with anyone.  I didn’t check email once in 14 days, which was a feat on its own if you know me. Here are a few of our  favorite photos we snapped from our trip. Another post coming dedicated to all the yummy food we ate.

sunset from the ranch

Akaka Falls in Hilo

Playing with the horses- there's more to Hawaii than beaches

Sheep on the ranch

Driving to Kohala

This looks just like a Ford ad, but it isn't. We just got a great shot driving home from the ranch. (Ford is a client, but we rented the car on our own).

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