Welcome to Apartment 304!

Meet the inhabitants of Apartment 304, a small apartment tucked into the best city in the world: San Francisco

Meet Stephanie by Thomas:  A PR wizard, indoor grillmaster (she responds to the name “sizzler”), and a self-proclaimed barber. Stephanie has a major crush on Tom Coliccio.  She told me that last part in jest, but can we really be sure?  All that I am sure of is that she is my no. 1 partner in crime, a fabulous person to which with to share a life and a blog.

Meet Thomas by Stephanie:  A man-child with a grown-up’s job in biotech, Thomas enjoys photography and climbing plastic rocks at Planet Granite. He’s the type to bake cookies for the mailman at work and to do yoga at inappropriate times.  It took me awhile to convince Thomas to start this blog because he does not believe in the internet. Thomas is my better half.  He keeps me in line.

What goes on in Apartment 304: This blog is an effort to share what we do beyond the confines of our cubicles, like: exploring new cities, trying new things, and venturing past our comfort zone in areas ranging from pie crusts to Yin yoga. We hope you all enjoy reading this blog as we enjoy living it.

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